Bluesouth Labradors
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"Quality not Quantity"
We are Labrador Retriever owners/breeders/exhibitors and only breed very
selectively. We only keep a few breeding bitches at any time. All our breeding females
and males are Champions of Record .
Quality not Quantity
is the key to a breeding program. Type to type is very important,
not quantity. We do
sell purebred labs to responsible pet owners. If you are thinking of having a labrador
join your family, please consider this to be a life time commitment.
Dogs are not
disposable. If you are unsure then do not buy a dog.
We sell our dogs on non -breeding
CKC papers. If you think you would like to own one of our pups please contact us to
possibly have a place on our waiting list.
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Bluesouth Labradors
Sometimes we have an older
dog to place into a loving
home, please contact us if
you are interested. We can
refer you to several
reputable breeders in
Ontario and United States.
Typical Bluesouth Puppies
Updated June, 2013
Rescue labradors
If you are looking to
rescue a labrador and
provide a good home
and love, please contact
Terri Yates
Bralex Labs and Rescue
( Near Barrie Ontario)
See the Movie Marley and
Want to get a Lab puppy?
Then please watch this
before you buy
If you are interested in getting on our waiting list please contact us.